Zishy: Arrival Part 2: Giulia Wylde pussy pics and panty tease

Note: This is part 2 of her “Arrival” set for Zishy. View part 1 here.

After a quick escape from the airport in the earlier set, now we get to see what happened in the backseat. Take a peek at Giulia Wylde’s pussy and wet red thong in these pics from a Zishy gallery.

Giulia Wylde sweet smile
A sweet smile from Giulia Wylde before pussy pics and wet panties!

Ready to try new things, maybe. She pulls her hair back again, preparing to show off her big natural boobs with a mix of shyness and pride. But this time… “Show us your panties, Giulia.”

And so she does. We get to see what kind of underwear a cute busty girl likes to wear. We get to see a wet spot already imprinted on her sexy red thong before she strips and flashes her pussy to hide the evidence.

Arrival Part 2 from Zishy
Part 2 of her “Arrival” set for Zishy.

Backseat panty pics and Giulia Wylde’s wet pussy

It seems like the naughtiness at the airport has left its mark on this daring young model. And now with a little more privacy and a lot less pants, we get some Giulia Wylde pussy pics and see a wet spot in her thong. Enjoy the show… and then go get the complete set at Zishy.

Spread legs showing red thong
Playfully showing her thong with a smile.

Close up Giulia Wylde pussy
Close up of Giulia Wylde’s wet pussy in panties.

Giulia Wylde pussy
Giulia Wylde pussy peek as she pulls her thong in tight.

Getting topless and looking very naughty in a red hot thong

Giulia Wylde continues this sweet little panty tease without her shirt. Suddenly she has this look on her face… as if it was all fun and games before but now it’s time to get serious. Or maybe the thong just rubbed her the right way?

Topless in backseat red thong
Topless in the backseat with only her little red thong.

Giulia Wylde ass pic
Cutie Pie Giulia Wylde showing off her bubble butt.

Rubbing pussy in panties
Rubbing her pussy through panties with a wet spot.

Giulia Wylde pussy shots and flirty fun

Tightly trimmed to a sexy little patch of hair just above and smoothly shaved everywhere else. Giulia Wylde’s wet pussy is finally uncovered here but she’s still being shy and flirty about it all.

Of course, this was her first day in the city. She was nervous about flashing her big boobs in the airport but excited about what would happen next. Let’s find out.

Beautiful shy naked girl
Completely naked but somehow shy about her beautiful body.

Handbra and handpanties nude
Handbra and handpanties barely cover Giulia Wylde’s backseat pussy shots.

Giulia Wylde pussy pic
Super cute Giulia Wylde pussy pic that shows off her nice big booty too.

Giulia Wylde pussy flashing pics and the rest

She lost her panties and now playfully attempts to cover every inch of her beautiful nude body. This is just a taste of the full set — a quick bite — so visit Zishy to access all of Giulia Wylde’s Zishy shoots.

You can also watch some of Giulia’s music video / strip sync for free if you’re not ready for the whole deal right now. So, enjoy the pics and movie clips here and stay tuned for the next update.

More everything will be added soon.

7 thoughts on “Zishy: Arrival Part 2: Giulia Wylde pussy pics and panty tease”

  1. I love this part 2 set. Giulia looks so sweet. I think she was a bit shy about the wet spot in her underwear at first… now there’s no denying how excited she was in part 1 flashing her big boobs in front of strangers.

  2. Jess the Tamed Unicorn

    Of course Rob has no freakin clue! I think it’s cute either way. And just cause she got turned on by something it doesn’t mean she has to spread her pussy for you.

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