Zishy: Giulia Wylde nude flashing huge natural tits and thong

On December 17th, 2020, the first set of Giulia Wylde nude pics was published on Zishy. That was one week ago, and there is more coming any day now, according to the very same Zishy. Giulia will also be seen on FTV Girls in January 2021. We’ll get to that in a moment.

Giulia Wylde Has Arrived from Zishy.

“Arrival” Part 1: The Beginning of Big Things

So, without further delay, let’s take a ride to the airport and meet Giulia Wylde from the land of Zishy. It’s her first ever nude photoshoot and she’s adventurous from the start, taking risks to flash her big tits in a busy place. In the next pic, she pulls her hair back with a sweet smile and a knowing look in her eyes.

Sweet sexy young model
A look that says, “You wanna see my boobs already, don’t you?”

Use the video controls to enable HD and sound on these clips of Giulia Wylde nude and nervous in public places. Enjoy the bouncy ride.

Bra pulled down showing nipple
Pulling her bra down and exposing a lickable nipple.

Lifting her shirt big boobs
The bra is gone, and it never appears again.

Giulia Wylde’s Big Tits Topless in Public

Another quick clip of her playfully exposing her big natural breasts for anyone in the airport to catch a peek. But remember, it’s rude to stare.

Of course, she gets caught nude once or twice. She smiles innocently as if she must have lifted her shirt by mistake. Maybe it’s windy at this airport. Luckily nobody called security, or the Pentagaon… to report a couple of stolen sidewinder missiles.

The point is, she’s a natural in more ways than one, and you’re going to be seeing more of Giulia Wylde nude in another gallery very soon.

Giulia Wylde nude at the airport
People are starting to notice the Giulia Wylde nude shots.

Giulia Wylde nude flashing tits
She is caught flashing her big natural tits but the show must go on.

Pants down panty peek
Without even moving to a new place, it’s time for a panty peek.

Showing little red panties
More than a peek. Giulia pulls her panties down to show sexy red panties.

Flashing Her Ass in a Sexy Thong in Public

Moving on for more boobs, ass and thong pics, and some very sexy photos of half naked Giulia Wylde on the train.

Showing ass in thong in public
Giulia showing her ass in a thong in public.

Pulling up her pants thong
Is it over so soon?

Flashing her ass in airport
Flashing her ass again in a new spot before we move on.

Some Beautiful Topless Pictures on the Way Out

The shyness is still there, but she can’t resist it now. Giulia has the urge to expose her big natural boobs that make all the little ladies jealous and get all the attention from men.

Giulia Wylde topless big tits
Giulia Wylde topless and proudly showing her big tits.

Shy girl big boobs
A nice big coat for a shy girl to hide behind.

Giulia Wylde Close Up Bubble Butt and Panty Pull Pic

Part 1 of her first Zishy adventure comes to a pause here with this last couple of images. She’s still being a nervous tease but Giulia leaves something to remember until the next set.

Pants pulled down around ass
Pants pulled down around her cheeks for a quick thong flash.

Giulia Wylde pussy photo
Giulia Wylde pussy and panties pic. This is called “foreshadowing.”

SOON: Check Out Part 2 of the Zishy Airport Set

There is much to see in this first shoot, but it’s so spicy they had to split it in half. Stay tuned and keep watching the sky.

Complete Set Available at Zishy Now

If you want to see everything for yourself in high quality, join the Zishy website. It’s only $30 for 12 months. You get full access to Giulia Wylde’s nude scenes + over 100 other Zishy models. Updates with 2 to 3 new sets per week.

19 thoughts on “Zishy: Giulia Wylde nude flashing huge natural tits and thong”

  1. Zoom Casting Agent

    Definitely my fave pics near the end with Giulia flashing her big tits in that coat. She was enjoying herself right there.

  2. Emcee Florida Man

    Damn look at the ladies in chat here bout to wet themselves. This girl Giulia is reeling in lesbians every place I been to so far. She straight tho.

  3. Giulia reminds me of a roommate I had… the biggest boobs I’d ever seen IRL. And she had these cute shy looks every time even though I could tell she was proudly showing her tits and she enjoyed being the star attraction. But nothing ever happened with us so maybe I was just jealous of her.

    1. Are you volunteering?

      But seriously though, I wanna see that too. I can just imagine Giulia getting seduced by a sneaky lesbian who *accidentally* finds her naked in the bathtub.

  4. Nice bubbly booty on this girl. And that smile… hahah this is good stuff I gotta see that ass in some other panties and thongs too.

  5. Yeah I heard there is another part to this but not much else to see until New Year. Let’s see where this journey goes…

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