Zishy: Big Boobs Behind Bars with Giulia Wylde in Florida

The long arm of the law finally caught up to Giulia Wylde and her flashy habits. And it looks like she has absolutely no remorse for her previous public nudity.

Beautiful shot looking up at big natural breasts
Giulia Wylde’s big boobs out in public once again from Zishy.

Florida’s Most Wanted

Giulia Wylde was hiding out in Florida when they finally tracked her down. Detectives worked countless hours looking for clues in her previous work — the airport heist, among other public exposures and private matters — and now she’s caught.

Postcard of a Fugitive

Let this be a warning to any hopeful vigilantes: you are not strong enough, and Giulia Wylde won’t be caged again so easily.

Giulia Wylde showing pussy in public
Giulia Wylde public pussy evidence.

If you see something, say something

Leave a comment to update your fellow citizens on any Giulia Wylde sightings and happenings. You can always remain anonymous to protect your undercover work.

Further evidence / research material can and should be viewed ASAP. Check your local neighborhood Zishy for more information.

4 thoughts on “Zishy: Big Boobs Behind Bars with Giulia Wylde in Florida”

  1. It’s not that crazy really. She could probably get put in jail for walking around braless and pokies popping out of her shirt. Well, maybe in some other country… let’s just hope they have cameras.

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