FTVGirls: Giulia Wylde masturbating then flashing in public

It’s the New Year and at least one of our wishes came true. This is the first FTVGirls Giulia Wylde scene to be published (Jan 1st, 2021). FTV and Giulia herself have said that more is coming, and there’s proof, so stay tuned.

Scroll down to see the free videos and pics. But first, an important newsflash:

Giulia Wylde in 4K HD Double-D quality with more than 2 hours of FTV scenes.

The first update for FTV Giulia has a lot to love

I guess the folks over at FTV Girls were excited to finally shoot some scenes with Giulia and they were not short on ideas. She’s wearing a very sexy pink bra and panties but that doesn’t last long before her big bouncy boobs break free.

Pink bra and white panties
Pretty pink bra and white panties for a sun goddess.

FTV Giulia in underwear
FTV Giulia in her underwear and a beautiful glow.

FTVGirls Giulia video with big boobs and huge toys

Take a look at the free video of FTVGirls Giulia below to get an idea of how it turned out. This is the new promo clip for A Shy First Timer and it’s a good one. There’s also a few more videos, pics and promos from this and upcoming sets further down the page.

FTV Giulia Wylde naked with her new best friend for the next few minutes.

Screenshots from the 1st FTV Giulia video

Here are some preview pics made from the first video of Giulia Wylde from FTV Girls. These images are cropped and shown at a lower quality than the original 4K video in MP4/AVC format.

A Shy First Timer published on January 1, 2021 – 44 minutes, 21 seconds – 4K resolution.

FTVGirls Giulia - Shy First Timer
On the lookout and still very shy about showing off in public.

FTV Giulia flashing her big boobs
Video screencap of FTV Giulia flashing her big boobs.

More of this scene in pics and clips

Use the controls to enable HD and sound on the RedGIFs clips. The quality is decent, and the videos are so much more… bouncy… compared to photos.

Much symbolism.

Naked ass pic
And now a pic of her naked ass heading out.

FTV Giulia nude and big boobs handbra
FTV Giulia’s big boobs handbra and naked pose.

Giulia Wylde from FTV Girls in even naughtier video

Another new promo clip with pretty good quality and a pretty pink bra. She starts playing with some very big dildos after giving herself another happy time massage with the magic wand. The name of the video is Naughty Softcore. Enjoy.

Beautiful nudes and masturbating to orgasm with many toys. All in one.

Nude in the street
FTV Giulia nude in the street but ready to hide.

What’s next? Preview of February 2021 at FTV

There will be more added here very soon, with higher quality images and videos wherever it’s possible. So, until then, here’s a little taste of what’s to come in the next Giulia Wylde FTV Girls updates. The future brings a hairbrush and many upskirts for Giulia Wylde to play with and be seen, apparently.

Sometimes it feels like the only right thing to do is run naked in the street. As if the only correct decision is to flash those big bouncy breasts for all the neighbors to see. This appears to be one of those times.

Giulia Wylde FTV Update 2 Promo
Masturbating with a hairbrush and flashing her pussy in public.

Almost topless in tight pants
Tight pants, tight body… but can’t keep that top on.

FTVGirls Giulia flashing big boobs
FTVGirls Giulia lifting her shirt and flashing big natural boobs.

Side by side pic spread legs in public
Side by side pic with a choice of crossed or spread legs in public places.

FTV Girls Giulia 4K video
Over 2 hours of 4K video with Giulia Wylde @ FTV Girls.
Giulia FTV naked in bed showing ass
It’s time for this bubble butt cutie to get some rest.

The end
The end… until next time.

17 thoughts on “FTVGirls: Giulia Wylde masturbating then flashing in public”

  1. Just saw these new movies and yeah it’s definitely a magic wand. She can’t get enough of it one moment and then a second later it’s like torture on her clit. Magic!

    1. Not quite torture… but you will feel kinda rough as soon as you finish if you’ve been grinding it or whatever. Just need a few mins to recover if you’re a greedy girl and then go again until the torture happens heheh ok ok I’ll stop now.

  2. The natural light really suits her (no pun intended). I hope to see more outdoor scenes from Giulia and since it’s FTV then I think there will be more coming.

    1. FTVGirls is almost all outdoor stuff, except for all the dildo play I guess… hahah can’t have sweet Giulia masturbating in the streets like some kinda psychopath.

    2. Was just about to say I love the sun light pics for some reason maybe just the angle or maybe it’s the model too.

  3. Oh wow… she’s even more sexy in the videos… would love to catch a peek of some cutie like this flashing her big tits around my city.

  4. She really is some kinda goddess in the sunlight there… beautiful. FTV probably got at least 4 scenes to release I think.

    So let’s do this bring on Giulia’s bubble booty for some love too heheh… can’t be all over her big boobs all the time. Or… ?

  5. Yep she’s definitely a good match with FTV. And same with Zishy. Different but similar… flirty teasing goodness.

  6. OMG I’m first. I love those panty tease scenes from Ftv in the past and I love Giulia. She is gonna be so sexy no matter what. I can’t wait to see her lifting that pretty dress for me.

    1. But what would you do if you caught her masturbating like in the video? She uses big toys too… more than just a tease with that size heheh. Maybe too much for you?

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